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Welcome to Sound Exchange’s new website! It’s not like any other website that you have ever used so please read all of the explanations by clicking on the Help features that are little round blue question marks. These Help buttons will hopefully answer all of your questions. Send your comments via “Email” under the “Contact Us” tab.

We offer many new features including the ability to view, search, and order (reserve) inventory. In order to view our inventory you will be asked to select a store. You may click on either Tampa, Brandon, or Pinellas Park. This will direct your searches to that store. And if you want to order (reserve) an item, the selected location is where you can pick up the items that same day. Your order will be picked by our staff and will be awaiting your arrival! You can also extend your searches to include all three locations. Ordered items that include items from other stores will take a couple days to arrive at your chosen pickup location. You pay the same prices as if you were shopping in the store yourself, and there are no charges for any of these added services. You will simply come into your preferred location, be handed your order, pay the regular price for it, and enjoy it like always. The Sound Exchange Advantage: No Shipping Fees, No Internet Credit Card problems, No unwanted items to return.

Why don’t we ship? In addition to the above advantages we want to make sure that our stores always offer the best possible selection to you, our loyal, local customers. If we mail ordered, people from all over could (and would) buy many of our best items, and you, our local customers would not have the great selection that you now enjoy. We do not feel that this would be in your best interest or ours. We’ve got a good thing here and we want to protect it for you, our local customers.

When ordering (reserving) items from this website it is important that you realize that you are still shopping in a retail store (with the help of our staff). This means that occasionally we will not be able to find an item that you order. Just like when you are in the store shopping yourself, some items are misplaced or are in the hands of other customers. We do a pretty good job in that regard so you should expect that we’ll find everything most every time.

Thank you for your understanding.

Currently we do not shipCurrently we do not ship. All items must be picked up in the store of your choice.


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Sound Exchange has Florida’s largest inventory of new and used CDs and DVDs. The Brandon and Pinellas Park stores have at least 30,000 CDs and DVDs, and  the Tampa store (the mother ship) has at least 45,000 CDs and DVDs. Plus, every location has thousands of Collectible Vinyl Records. We also carry Classic Stereo Equipment, Reel-to-Reel Tapes, 8-Track Tapes, Cassettes, Books, Games, and Sheet Music, everything for the serious music and movie collector.


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Customer Reviews

When I lived in Tampa, this was the only place I would go to get CDs. They had a bigger selection than anyplace else. Their prices were good. Anything they didn’t have, they were happy to order. I managed to get stuff I could not get at any other brick and mortar store in the entire Tampa Bay area. That says a lot, because my musical taste is quite eclectic and covers bands from all over the world. So, to be able to accommodate my crazy musical whims, they were really miracle workers.
– Fred Moutran

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