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The Modern Vinyl Record (1960s)

Let’s define what is meant by the term the modern vinyl record.

It has a relatively long playing time and does so while reproducing sound in what is called high fidelity.

High fidelity, or Hi-Fi for short, simply means that the device is capable of reproducing sound accurately throughout the full hearing range of the human ear, and does so realistically, i.e., without introducing significant quantities of noise or distortion.

That is not to say that every record meets this definition.

The Classic Vinyl Listening Experience Timeline

So let’s put all of this information in the form of a timeline:


So where does the sweet spot lie? Pick a time, all things considered, which you would say represented the pinnacle of the Classic Vinyl Listening Experience.

  • You could make a good argument for the 1950s and early 1960s, with the advent of the modern record, tube equipment, and the jazz and early rock n’ roll music of the time.
  • It would also be very easy to choose the early 1970s as a timeframe when affordable, high-quality electronics and high-quality vinyl records could be paired with some of the most outstanding music that was ever created.
  • And certainly an argument can be made for choosing today and what is currently available, if you have the money to buy the best of what the past 60 years has to offer.

So this becomes our challenge: to assemble the necessary equipment and a record library so that you can achieve the Classic Vinyl Listening Experience as you choose to define it, and then sit down and actively enjoy a “side” of your very favorite music.