Most people have no use for Grandma’s old receipts or photos of people they don’t know, but there are collage artists who love nothing more than sorting through boxes of paper to find the perfect fragment to incorporate into a new work. With them in mind, we’ve started compiling packs of vintage paper.

We look for the following from the 1960s and earlier:

  • Letters and envelopes
  • Billheads (old style invoices)
  • Canceled checks, pay stubs, account ledgers
  • Ticket stubs – from buses, movies, concerts…
  • Greeting cards
  • Postcards
  • Handwritten or typed notes
  • Photos
  • Receipts
  • Labels (grocery, pharmacy, produce, cigars…)
  • Calendars
  • Report cards and certificates
  • Invitations and announcements
  • Magazines and catalogs, even if they’re falling apart
  • Grocery stamps and postage stamps
  • Etc!

If you’re clearing out an estate and have boxes of this stuff, SEND US AN EMAIL! We’ll let you know if it’s something we can use.