Classic Stereo Equipment

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Sound Exchange maintains a good inventory of stereo equipment from the classic era: late 1960s to the early 1980s. We clean, test, and service each item to ensure that its operation is similar to when it was new.

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Our Guarantee:

Sound Exchange guarantees the quality and performance of every item that we sell. Each item is cleaned, tested, serviced, and repaired as necessary so that it works properly when you receive it. If the item fails to work properly, the customer has 7 days to return the item to the place of purchase. When an item is returned, Sound Exchange will make the necessary adjustments and/or repairs and return the item to the customer at no charge in cases where the conditions stated below have been met by the customer. If all of these conditions are met, and if- in the sole judgment of Sound Exchange- an item is deemed not repairable, the customer will receive a refund for the full purchase price of the equipment.

Under this guarantee, a no-charge repair or refund to the customer requires that the customer meet the following qualifying conditions:


  • The item is returned to Sound Exchange within the return timeframe as stated above, along with the purchase receipt.
  • The item is returned in exactly the same condition as when sold.
  • Neither the customer nor another company has attempted any repair of the item.
  • The item has been used in a manner consistent with the original manufacturer’s intended use or in a manner generally accepted for home use stereo equipment, and that – in the sole judgment of Sound Exchange – the item has not received any excessive or abusive use nor was damaged by power surges and/or any act of nature such as lightning.

Optional Extended Warranty:

Sound Exchange offers an Extended Warranty of one year for most items which can be purchased by the customer for an additional 15% (at a minimum of $15) of the ‘List Purchase Price’ (price before discounts, if any) of the item at the time of the original purchase of the equipment. The Extended Warranty covers mechanical and electrical component failures but not ‘consumable’ items or routine maintenance items such as belts, bulbs, cartridges, styli, nor routine maintenance procedures, if any, as prescribed by the manufacturer. The customer must provide his copy of the purchase receipt for the Extended Warranty at the time that an item is returned to Sound Exchange for consideration under this agreement for the Extended Warranty.

In the sole judgment of Sound Exchange, the extended warranty is void if the item:


  • has been used in any way that is not within the intended use as specified by the original manufacturer, OR
  • has been exposed to any excessive use or abusive use, OR
  • is damaged by power surges and/or any act of nature such as lightning, OR
  • has been repaired, attempted to be repaired, or modified by any party other than Sound Exchange.

Considering buying vintage stereo equipment online?


What looks to be a great deal online can be deceptive. We regularly have people bringing in items for repair that had been purchased on a major online auction site but arrived in non-working order. Our advice in that situation is to return the item rather than attempt to have it repaired. Experience has shown us that, often, someone has already (unsuccessfully) attempted repair and decided it was not worth the cost or effort… and may have caused additional damage in the process. We have also seen cases in which the online seller claimed that the item must have been damaged in-transit, when the chances of certain interior parts breaking due to shipping would be extremely slim. In other cases, damage really does occur during shipping, especially with turntables. Buying from a local company that tests, services, and guarantees its stereo equipment gives you peace of mind that you are not throwing good money after bad.


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Why buy classic stereo equipment?

A typical piece of classic stereo equipment may have cost $400.00 when new in the 1970s.

In today’s money that’s like $2000.00. And you have to spend nearly that much today to get equivalent quality in today’s equipment. But that same piece of classic stereo equipment can typically be purchased for less than it cost originally!

The market for classic stereo equipment is just getting started.

It is an opportunity to get into the market early while prices are still quite low.


Classic stereo equipment is an investment. Prices are increasing rapidly!

Maintainable & Affordable

Classic stereo equipment remains very maintainable and serviceable.

Better Value

Classic stereo equipment is a better value. You get more for your money.

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