Guarantee / Return Policy

For items purchased on the website and shipped to you:  Please read our Guarantee / Return Policy for items shipped from Sound Exchange.

In-Store Guarantee Policy 

SOUND EXCHANGE guarantees every item in the store to be free of defects*.  You have seven days to return your defective merchandise in exchange for a like item (receipt required). NO REFUNDS are given for any reason.  The customer must be able to pinpoint the defect for verification. It is the customer’s responsibility to check his or her purchases for completeness before leaving the store.


CDs – load and play fully without skips or repeats on our equipment
LPs – play fully without skips or repeats, no excessive noise.
Blu-Rays, DVDs, and Video Games – load and play fully without skips, repeats, or freezes on our equipment.


+ We DO NOT GUARANTEE that any item purchased will play correctly on your equipment since we cannot guarantee the fitness of your equipment. We do guarantee that all items will play correctly on OUR equipment.

+ We DO NOT GUARANTEE that you will like the item that you purchased. We will consider buying back any item that you do not want at our current buy-back prices.

+ We DO NOT GUARANTEE the overall quality of a recording. Please understand that there is a wide range of recording quality from recording to recording.  In order to be deemed defective, the item must sound noticeably different from another copy of the same exact item.

+ We DO NOT GUARANTEE records that have been warped by excessive heat. All records are double inspected by Sound Exchange and are flat when sold.

+ We DO NOT GUARANTEE any used CD or DVD or Video Game that has been returned with substantial scratches. All used CDs, Video Games, and DVDs are inspected by Sound Exchange and are scratch-free when sold (with the occasional exception of very small and slight marks that do not affect their performance). It is the customer’s responsibility to verify this fact before purchasing.

+ We  DO NOT GUARANTEE any printed material such as books and magazines.

Return Policy

CDs and DVDs that are returned to Sound Exchange and are still in their original factory wrap are returnable for full store credit when purchased within the past seven days and are accompanied by our itemized receipt.   Under no circumstances do we offer cash refunds or credit card reversals. Any unwanted opened items can be sold to Sound Exchange at the prevailing market rate, as determined by Sound Exchange.

Please understand that entertainment in the form of CDs, DVDs, and records is copyrighted material. This fact makes music different from most other things that consumers purchase.  Because the enjoyment of these items can be retained by the consumer (by copying), our federal government passed Copyright protection laws that the entertainment industry is obligated to maintain. This means that copyrighted material can only be returned when it is defective and will be replaced with another copy of the identical item. This legislation helps to ensure that the artists, record labels, distributors, and retailers are protected.

When a consumer removes the shrink wrap from a new CD or DVD or leaves the store with an open CD or DVD, it is not returnable unless it is defective. Defective items are replaced with an identical item that is not defective. There are no exceptions to this policy except in the case where the customer has accidentally purchased a duplicate copy. In these cases we will provide full credit for the item provided the customer brings in both copies and it is returned in excellent condition.