Equipment Repair

We offer repair services for equipment items purchased from Sound Exchange.* In addition, we offer turntable repair services – regardless of where your turntable was purchased – and sell “drop-in” replacement turntables for use in vintage consoles.

Sound Exchange is an authorized dealer of Ortofon cartridges and styli. Read more about how we can help you with your cartridge needs.

*Some exceptions apply. Please follow the repair process below to verify that we can service or repair your item.

Our repair process is the following:

1. Send us an email with your item’s make and model and a description of the problem. We will respond within two business days and let you know if it’s a repair that we can help you with.

2. After approval you can drop off your item at either of our locations. (We cannot accept a dropped-off item that has not gone through the pre-approval step above.) Note: Equipment must be dropped off and picked up at our location, no shipping! We take a $30 bench fee to provide a quote and feasibility evaluation, the cost of which is applied to the cost of the repair if it is feasible and if you have us do the work.

3. We will contact you to inform you of the evaluation and a cost estimate. Allow 1 to 7 days.

4. Once you give your approval, we will make the repair.

5. We will return the item to the store where you dropped it off and let you know it is ready to be picked up. You’ll pay the repair cost minus your bench fee.

Note: sometimes repairing the obvious problems reveals additional problems. We will do our best to advise you on the front side of these risks and will do what we can to avoid them.

Read what some of our customers have to say about our repair services!

“Thanks Ron for fixing my turntable! It sounds great now!!” — Jon H.

““Ron was very courteous and professional – keeping me informed every step of the way on what needed to be done for each unit – even suggesting that I avoid some expenses until or if there is a need. My turntables sound like new. I am enjoying them every day. Keep up the good work!” — Ana Maria P.

CD and DVD Repair

Either Sound Exchange location can repair most damage.  We charge $3.00 per disc for this service.  Please understand that discs that have scratches on the top surface cannot be repaired. Discs that have scratched bottom surfaces (the side that plays) can be repaired as long as the scratches are not too severe.  Generally our staff can take a quick look at a disc and can advise you of our chances of success.

This service is particularly useful for titles that cannot be replaced or are part of an expensive set of discs.

Any disc we purchase that has marks on it is put through this resurfacing process to ensure proper play.  This is why we can guarantee every item in our stores regardless of price.  It is also why we can buy more of your CDs and DVDs than our competitors.

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*Some exceptions apply. Please follow the repair process described above to verify that we can service or repair your item.