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Buying and Selling at Sound Exchange
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All of the used items in our stores are purchased from the public, and we try to buy as much as we can. Knowing which items to buy and how much to pay for them is a complex process that involves our buying and selling activity for an item as well as using input from other large websites. Using this data ensures that we purchase the right stuff at the right cost and then sell it for the appropriate price. Some items that we purchase today will not sell for many months, or even a year or more. This can affect our offer, particularly when we already have copies of the item in stock.

Our buying customers are the ones who ultimately determine what we buy and therefore how much we pay. “Supply and Demand” determines our buying and selling prices.

In the near future we will be providing a tool on this website that will enable you can get a good idea of the interest that we have in your specific items.

Please note: We do not buy VHS tapes or laser discs.

Buy, Sell, and Trade Policy

CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, and books can be brought into any store at any time to sell (except for the last 15 minutes before closing). Vinyl evaluations can be done anytime a vinyl buyer is in the store (just call ahead to be sure one is available). You also have the option of dropping off records anytime during store hours; the record buyer will go through them the next time he or she is in the store and then call you when your offer is ready. Stereo equipment must be brought in and dropped off for evaluation.

Dropped off items that we do not purchase must be picked up within three days from the time they are evaluated.

  • How much will you pay for CDs?
    A range of $.50 to $5 is offered for most CDs. Certain high-end CDs and box sets can bring a little or a lot more.
  • How much will you pay for DVDs?
    A range of $.50 to $4 is typically offered. Certain high-end DVDs and box sets can bring a little or a lot more.
  • How much will you pay for Blu-Rays?
    A range of $1 to $6 is typically offered. Certain high-end Blu-Rays and box sets can bring a little or a lot more.
  • How much will you pay for Vinyl?
    For most LPs (33 1/3 records) that we can use, we pay in the range of $.25 to $4.00. Certain “collectible” titles bring more. In order for Sound Exchange to make an offer on your LPs, they must be titles that our customers want to buy and that we are not overstocked on; be complete with their original jackets; and be in condition good enough for us to guarantee. What we pay for a record varies based on title, condition, pressing, and the presence of any inserts it originally came with. For common records, condition must be excellent; for less common records, we can be more liberal in what condition we will accept. 45rpm records with paper sleeves and 12″ singles are typically $.25 each, but as with all records, it can be more. Most 78rpms are not of value to us.
  • How much will you pay for Stereo Equipment?
    Classic stereo equipment such as turntables, amplifiers, receivers, reel-to reel-tape recorders, and speakers from the 1950s to 1990s will be considered for purchase. We are looking for better quality items in very good or better appearance, and that work properly or will take minimal effort to fix. We also purchase high-quality items in non-working order that we believe we can repair or use for parts. If you have equipment you would like to sell, please send us an email with each item’s make and model as well as a brief note about its condition (functional and cosmetic). Our equipment manager will respond within 48 hours.
  • How much will you pay for Video Games?
    A range of $.50 to $8.00 is typically offered. Certain high-end games can bring a little or a lot more.
  • How much will you pay for Books?
    Most books bring between .50 – $3. We are mostly interested in non-fiction categories like music, pop culture, popular science, history, film, philosophy, Eastern spirituality, new age, occult, true crime, art, and local Florida. We do buy select fiction as well, such as classic literature and manga.

Record Values

Unlike a lot of other “antiques,” old records generally aren’t of much value. However, some old records are of interest and can bring a modest sum. Rare, valuable records are just that: rare. Buying and selling old records is as much an art as it is a science with regard to determining an appropriate selling price.

In our experience, price guide books are worthless in terms of determining monetary value, although they may be of some informational value in identifying pressings. Asking prices on the internet are similarly useless in placing a dollar value on your records, as anyone can ask any price for an item. What you should seek for guidance is the price something actually sold for. Just keep in mind that can be difficult to identify a collectible record from a re-issue as they may appear nearly identical. Selling prices are of interest as a general guideline, though they truly only represent what one buyer was willing to pay to one seller for one specific item. The item, the buyer, and the seller are never the same from transaction to transaction. We see things that normally sell for $2.00 sell for $20.00 sometimes, and $20.00 items sell for $2.00 sometimes. There are things that are not apparent that affected the sale. So take it all with a grain of salt and look for general selling trends to help determine what your item is worth.

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