Searching for and Reserving Items

On our web site, you can search for and reserve inventory. Selecting a pick-up store (Tampa or Pinellas) will direct your searches to that store. If you want to reserve an item, the selected location is where you can pick up the items that same day. Your item is picked by our staff and will be awaiting your arrival. You also have the option to extend your searches to include all three locations. Reserved items from other stores will take a few days to arrive at your chosen pick-up location. You pay the same prices as if you were shopping in the store yourself. There are no charges for these added services.

Why don’t we ship?

We want to make sure that our stores always offer the best possible selection to you: our loyal, local customers. We do not feel that shipping items out of the area would be in your best interest or ours.

Please note…

When reserving from this website, it is important you realize you are still shopping in a retail store (with the help of our staff). This means sometimes we will not be able to find an item that you reserve. Just like when you are in the store shopping yourself, an item may be misplaced or in the hands of other customers. We do a pretty good job in that regard so you should expect that we’ll find everything most every time.

Why can’t I reserve Pending items?

Sound Exchange does not accept reservations for Pending Items (those items in the 15-day hold period required by Florida law). The reason is to protect the best interests of our local customers shopping in our bricks and mortar stores. We want to avoid the scenario in which an item comes out of the hold box and directly into a hold stack for a customer, without ever having made its way onto the sales floor. One proactive way that any of our local customers can receive preference for titles that they want is to use our “Notify Me” capability. Simply use the “Search” feature on our web site for the item you want, scroll down to the Notify Me section, and click the button next to the item you want to receive an email notification about when we next purchase it in one of our stores. It’s that easy! You can then reserve it as soon as it is available for purchase.

IMPORTANT: If you change your delivery location you will lose the contents of your Shopping Cart.